The overall purpose of this film was to get younger people to sign up for organ donation. We knew the typical tug at the heart strings approach would be invisible for this target. In fact, they would sniff it out so fast it would work against us. So we didn’t even go there. In fact, we went the opposite direction. Knowing they are skeptics, dark and just outright assholes at times we served them a giant pile of themselves, times ten. We gave them Coleman Sweeney: The World’s Biggest Asshole. An asshole 24/7 365 days a year. Except for that one shining moment when he did something good. And that’s when he went from asshole to hero. 




In addition to the video going viral with 60 million global views within 2 weeks, it’s working and making a difference! Prior to launch, Donate Life received 149 registrations per day. Two weeks post-launch, they are now averaging 1,040 registrations, an increase of 698%. The registry was 22% 20- to 34-year-olds prior to launch and saw a 236% increase. This group now comprises 52% of the total registry. But the most important statistic is that men 20-34 who were previously only 26% of the registry have registered and are now 56% of registrants, a 215% increase.